Don't mind me, just gamin'

After what felt like a lifetime Nintendo finally lifted the curtain on its Switch console yesterday, and sent the gaming world into overdrive. The new platform is designed to operate like a home system and a handheld, and is clearly gunning for a different sector of the market to the Xbox One and PS4.

While shareholders haven't reacted all that positively, Xbox bosses Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenberg seemed to be pretty impressed with what they saw.

Spencer - who has always been quite ready to shower his rivals with praise - feels the system is a "bold" move:

Marketing boss Greenberg also had nice things to say, citing Nintendo's desire for innovation as a plus point for the industry as a whole:

What do you make of these comments? Do you think Spencer and Greenberg were perhaps a little relieved that Switch won't be competing with the Xbox One in the traditional sense? Let us know with an opinion of your own, deployed in the comment section below.