Factor 5 was a big player in the Nintendo 64 and GameCube eras, in particular, well-known for its Star Wars games. Yet after the relationship with LucasArts fell away the developer was looking for new licenses that could drive its projects.

Factor 5 eventually came to the idea of a Dungeons & Dragons game, namely one based on the IP's 'Dragonlance' universe. As explained in this video by Unseen64 and occasional Nintendo Life contributor Liam Robertson, the title was pitched to two interested parties - Nintendo and Sony. Two key factors got in the way of a deal to bring the project to Wii, as is detailed below.

It's interesting to think of what could have been, and it's a pity that Factor 5 would continue to struggle to make its mark before eventually folding in 2011.

Would you have liked to see this project make its way to Wii?

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