Here's another blink and you'll miss it fan mod that seems to take Nintendo source material and go the extra mile. You know what that means! It'll likely only be available for a short time before it disappears.

Before you blame us for this, Kotaku have highlighted it; we're just sharing so you know it exists before Nintendo (perhaps) jumps in.

It's SM64: Last Impact, by well-known Super Mario 64 modder Kaze Emanuar. It looks hugely ambitious and incorporates some very smart ideas, as you can see in the description and trailer below.

This game has 130 stars, 12 powerups, many new bosses and a large variety of completely new levels. Over 4000 hours of work finally come together.

Multiple download links are available in the description to this video, one of which is definitely working at the time of publication. As always, just be careful with links and downloads that you follow.

We suspect this one won't be live for long. We admire the efforts of enthusiasts and modders, but so many hours committed at the risk of Nintendo takedowns is always a risky endeavour. We'll see how SM64: Last Impact fares.

With thanks to Remag for the heads up.