It's-a him!

Today's the day we actually find out what NX is, but it's been a long wait. Not so long ago there were rumours that Nintendo was due to show off the console in September, but that month came and went without a sniff of a reveal.

Eurogamer's Tom Phillips - the man who broke some significant NX news back in July - has taken to Twitter to give his take on the absence of any announcement in September. According to Phillips, Nintendo simply wasn't happy with the performance it was getting from the NX's Super Mario outing, and decided to wait until it was running at the desired standard.

That's a fairly plausible explanation - Nintendo will want to make a good first impression with the platform's big launch title, after all - but given that NX is launching in less than six months, it makes you wonder how much time has been spent on this game's development if developers are still having technical issues at this stage.

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