Nintendo Life readers should be familiar with the work of Tyler Esposito. Not only has he contributed to the site in the past, he runs the excellent YouTube channel, which showcases loads of excellent retro content as well as covering some of the home movies Esposito made with his late father, the person who encouraged his appreciation of both gaming and video production.

Esposito's father passed away nine years ago this very day, and he's kindly shared another video with us which serves as a semi-sequel to the heart-melting Genesis Power Team show he made with his dad in the early '90s. A slightly older Esposito is featured this time around and the relentless advance of technology means he's showcasing the Nintendo 64 this time around - more specifically, Rare's cult fighter Killer Instinct Gold.

These days anyone with a computer and webcam can create their own video reviews and share them with a potential audience of millions, but back in 1997 these productions were very much for personal amusement more than anything else. Esposito readily admits his presenting style has improved dramatically since this footage was taken, but it's tremendously endearing to see his doting father provide cues and advice off-camera, willing his son on.

The verdict is that Killer Instinct Gold is an "encouraging" game to play, in case you were wondering. 8 out of 10!

Did you create any of your own video game-based shows during the '90s? If so, let us know by posting a comment. Perhaps now is a good time to share them with the world.