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When the Game Boy Color launched you could practically hear the sighs of relief emanating from parents worldwide when they realised that all of the monochrome Game Boy games they had slaved to purchase for their offspring would still work with the shiny new handheld.

Backwards compatibility was a big part of the system's appeal, but the relentless advance of technology came with an obvious consequence - owners of the original Game Boy found themselves frozen out by some of the new Game Boy Color titles.

Because the two systems used almost identical cartridges - and because some Game Boy Color games would run on both monochrome and black and white consoles - the need for special warning screens appeared. If you slotted a Color game into a monochrome console and the developer hadn't coded in support, then you'd get a little message informing you of this. However, rather than just post up a text warning, many developers went the extra mile and created tiny works of art, and you can see them in this exhaustive gallery.

Loading up a new game on your aging Game Boy only to discover that it won't run was the pits back in the '90s, but these bite-sized messages did soften the blow a little. Do any of these bring back memories for you?

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