One of the games included on the upcoming Mini NES is Double Dragon II: The Revenge (which we've written about recently), the best of a trailblazing but arguably iffy trilogy of iconic 8-bit beat 'em ups by Technōs Japan. It seems that thanks to the wildlands of Steam Greenlight, however, it's not the only iteration of the game currently doing the rounds.

A new listing on the Steam Greenlight portal has popped up for Double Dragon 3D (written as DoubleDragon-3D on the page), which is meant to be a remaster of the well-known NES title. We first saw this in a Jim Sterling video, and it must be said that it doesn't seem to be an officially licensed remaster. The developer is Punch Game Studio, and the initial Greenlight page was in Chinese, before an equivalent in slightly sketchy English was also posted. It actually looks decent, but based on the nature of the game page we'd bet a lot of money it's not officially approved; it also uses Michael Jackson's 'Beat It', which would also need to be approved.

Although we wouldn't be surprised to see this one get taken down soon, unless it is somehow official and licensed (we doubt it), it does make us wonder whether remasters like this would be rather neat to have. Ultimately, though, it feels rather unlikely.

In any case, you'll be able to legally play Double Dragon II: The Revenge on a mini NES or through a Virtual Console of your choice. This remaster is unlikely to ever see the light of day.