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It was in late March, a few days more than six months ago, that the My Nintendo program launched as part of the 'Nintendo Account' overhaul. The Nintendo Account seems very likely to be the all-encompassing ID for Nintendo users in the future. With social media login options and its role in web purchases of eShop downloads, as well as its usage in Nintendo's only mobile app released so far - Miitomo - it seems to be the way forward. Nintendo Network IDs may end fully once the Wii U and 3DS have been retired in years to come.

If the Nintendo Account is in its infancy but promising much, My Nintendo is the Club Nintendo successor that's supposed to provide a meaningful loyalty service right now. About a week after it launched - back in the Spring - we did a pros, cons and areas of improvement article for the programme and, actually, not much has changed. There have been brief glimmers of positivity - recently in Europe there have been a few dynamic, smart Rewards beyond the usual discounts. These have included short-term discounts on recent Nintendo Selects releases, and most intriguingly right now there's a discount Reward for a promising game that isn't even out yet, in this case the rather enticing Chase: Cold Case Investigations - Distant Memories. This sort of launch deal for a download-only release is the sort of offering we hope will become more common.

These are recent highlights, and Nintendo also extended the validity period for Gold Points, though it remains a stingy six months for Platinum Points. An argument against validity periods is the limited Reward options, of course. That's something we'll be tackling soon in a Talking Point.

In any case, with My Nintendo now six months old we want to know what you think of it. Based on comments we've read we have an idea of which way this will go, but we're interested to see some poll results anyway. Click some buttons below with your thoughts.

What do you think of the My Nintendo Rewards options so far?
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What's your overall opinion of My Nintendo so far?

As always, thanks for the votes - by all means debate the merits and flaws of My Nintendo in the comments below; we'll be doing the very same thing this coming weekend.