The stock market can be an erratic beast, and Nintendo's seen that in the movement of its share value over the past week. A boost prior to the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch was wiped out (and more besides) as investors reacted poorly to the reveal. The start of this week saw a further decline following a Nikkei report predicting that Nintendo would report an operational loss in its financial reports, which will be shared on 26th October.

It's not our plan to cover Nintendo's share value on a daily basis beyond this week, but we thought it'd be worth sharing a little bit of happier news while we can. After the drops of the past two trading days, 25th October saw the Tokyo market close with an increase of 2.98% on Nintendo's shares, climbing to 24,685 Yen.

Shares 2510.png
Image: Bloomberg

It's a modest increase, and likely represents the value balancing out after losing a significant percentage in the previous two days.

In any case, the closure of the Tokyo market tomorrow (26th October) should bring Nintendo financial results - they'll likely arrive around midnight Pacific / 3am Eastern / 8am UK / 9am CET. We'll cover the report when it arrives.