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We didn't think an Investor Q & A was expected for this week's set of financial results, but it seems that report was incorrect. Nintendo's Japanese investor site has posted a Q & A transcript, and having looked through machine translations and those from @Cheesemeister and The Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki, there are a couple of interesting points.

First of all, it seems to us that Tatsumi Kimishima was rather cautious in most of his answers, straight-batting attempts to extract more Nintendo Switch information in particular. Nevertheless he did make two remarks that inspire a little more confidence, at least.

When asked about why Nintendo Switch has seemingly attracted more third-party support than Wii U, Kimishima-san attributed that to publishers understanding the unique opportunities the system offers. He also seems to state that since the reveal there's been more interest from developers and publisher, which is described as 'encouraging'.

In terms of Switch details, as we've said none were truly given, with Kimishima-san deflecting questions on the target audience, games, features, and the possibility of integration with smart device games and My Nintendo. In all cases he advised that we should wait for the major January unveiling to learn more.

He does seem to suggest, however, that Nintendo can produce and distribute more than the two million units currently planned for March, if demand is high enough. On multiple occasions it's stated that players will be able to get their hands on the system and see what it has to offer in January; we're hopefully this will point to consumer tours similar to those we saw with the 3DS in 2011, when multiple events were held for the public to attend.

Time will tell, of course, but there are certainly some positive vibes right now around the Nintendo Switch.

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