FDG Entertainment may not be a name many Nintendo fans are familiar with, but we think that'll all change with the Nintendo Switch. The publisher has confirmed its support for the system, confirming two games for the first half of 2017. We now know one for certain, and are pretty sure of the second.

Monster Boy has been confirmed for Nintendo's next-gen system; it's effectively a new Wonder Boy game, with original series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa involved in the project. FDG listed the Switch in a tweet promoting this rather neat blog update on the game.

If you need a reminder of how this is shaping up, check out the Gamescom trailer below.

As you may also recall, FDG Entertainment recently confirmed that the updated console version of Oceanhorn would come to a Nintendo system. As the company has confirmed that two games are in the works for Switch, we'd be very surprised if this wasn't also on the way.

It's pleasing to see more support for Nintendo Switch from publisher and developers of varying sizes. Are you looking forward to Monster Boy and - as is very likely - the Wind Waker-inspired Oceanhorn?