Michel Ancel has one of the most interesting and closely followed Instagram accounts in the business at present. In addition to new Beyond Good & Evil game posts and cool artwork besides, the much-admired game designer and creator has now shared images of an extremely rare SNES ROM.

It's the original SNES Rayman, which was apparently in advanced development in the early-mid '90s before Ubisoft switched focus to bring it to disc-based systems. It's a game that's never truly been seen beyond a few screens, and now Ancel and his team have found the original ROM on a board.

Ancel has shared a couple of images, and joked about bringing it to Switch, though that remark was made in jest. It would certainly be fun for fans of the series, however, if Ubisoft were to sanction the release of the ROM in future as a quirky Virtual Console release.


Incroyable !!!! We have found the old unique Rayman SNES ROM !!!! It was sleeping for 24 years ..... Time to wake it up !!!!


It's working !!!! 4 people in the world have seen this . We thought it was lost , but somewhere in the cold electronic circuit , something was still alive . and running at full 60fps !!! should do a Switch version of this 😂

There are a lot of retro gamers that would love to play this - hopefully one day that'll be possible.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

[source instagram.com]