So stable!

It's been about a month and a half since Nintendo last gave the 3DS an update, and 3DS owners have no doubt been growing more worried with each passing day. With the advent of the Nintendo Switch and the American Presidential Election, times have never been more uncertain or, shall we say, unstable. The people need somewhere or something to turn to, a bastion of stability in an otherwise turbulent world. Fortunately, Nintendo's got us covered.

The system software for the 3DS has been recently updated to 11.2.0-35, and it's available to download right now. As with the past dozen updates, it ensures that your 3DS will remain as stable as physically possible, while also likely blocking more programming inroads that those pesky pirates are so fond of exploiting. Naturally, the update is required for online services, so download it posthaste to ensure your continued online connectivity (and stability).

What do you think? How long will Nintendo continue stabilizing the 3DS? Drop us a comment in the section below.