Feel the thunder!

Over the weekend we reported that Sega is adding the superb Thunder Force III to its third and final 3D Classic retail collection, which is due for release in Japan this December. The reason that Sega has been able to add this title to the roster is simple - it now owns the rights to all of Technosoft's IP.

Technosoft (sometimes referred to as Tecnosoft) is a studio which, unless you're a seasoned 16-bit gamer, is unlikely to be instantly familiar. Founded in 1980, the company created titles for Japanese home computers before finding global fame with its Thunder Force series - the second, third and fourth entries being notable Sega Mega Drive / Genesis releases. Nintendo fans weren't totally left out, however - Thunder Force III received a SNES port in 1991 under the title Thunder Spirits.

Outside of the Thunder Force franchise - which would also come to the PlayStation, Saturn and (most recently) the PlayStation 2 - Technosoft created titles like Elemental Master, Devil Crash, Hyper Duel and Herzog Zwei, the latter of which is considered to be one of the first examples of a Real Time Strategy game. Like so many other Technosoft titles, it also boasts an amazing soundtrack, as you can see from the video below.

In 2001, Technosoft was purchased by pachinko maker Twenty-one Company, but by 2008 - the release year of Thunder Force VI on the PS2, which was developed and published by Sega under licence - it seemed that the company was dormant.

The news that Sega has acquired Technosoft's IP was confirmed at the recent Tokyo Game Show, and it was revealed that the company is looking into reviving Thunder Force IV, V and Herzog Zwei.

Given that we've already seen so many Sega classics resurrected on the 3DS, is there a chance some of Technosoft's gems could be headed to Nintendo's handheld? Let us know what you think by posting a comment.

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