I choose you!

Pokémon GO's latest update introduces the Buddy system, which has to rank as one of the most significant changes since the title launched a few months ago. Using this system, you can assign a 'mon as your buddy and they will walk alongside you, earning candies as they go.

This new mechanic also introduces a cool Easter Egg which fans of the Pokémon anime will appreciate. When you have Pikachu as your buddy it will initially stand on the ground beside you on the trainer details screen, but after clearing 10km it hops onto your shoulder, mirroring the gradual bonding process that Ash experienced in the original TV series.

This isn't the only nod to the cartoon that has been included in Pokémon GO - you can pick which 'mon Eevee evolves into by renaming the beast before evolving it.

The new update is rolling out as we speak - let us know if you have it by posting a comment below.