Professor Kawashima will appear in person, not as a floating polygonal head

Though they're less frequent nowadays, those that enjoyed the DS years in particular are likely to remember the Brain Age / Brain Training games with fondness; in fact, there are still persistent European fans that bemoan the fate of Dr Kawashima's Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused?, which was released in North America as Brain Age: Concentration Training way back in 2013 but has never made it to the EU.

In any case, Professor Ryuta Kawashima will be well known to many, as his exercises provided the foundation for the series and - of course - he appears as a floating polygonal guide in the games. It's easy to overlook, in fact, that he's an expert in his field beyond helping Nintendo produce entertaining and helpful mental exercise games for its portables.

If you're interested in seeing the Professor Kawashima talk in detail about his field of expertise, then you may want to tune into a workshop called The Secrets of Healthy Ageing, which will also have interactive elements for the audience. Professor Kawashima is visiting the University of Reading to give the talk; he's normally based at Tohoku University in Japan.

It's all going down at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK / 8pm CET today (14th September); you'll be able to watch it live over on this Facebook page.

Will you be checking this out?

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