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It was nearly six months between Nintendo Directs, with E3 and a smattering of reveals and extended commercials in between (and some Japan-only Directs). It had ben quite a wait, though it seemed that Nintendo did a pretty good job with its 3DS Nintendo Direct on 1st September, albeit with some caveats.

As was stated very clearly by Nintendo ahead of time, there was nothing about the NX hardware; those that had ignored the warnings discovered that wishing for something to happen isn't enough on its own. As normal Nintendo also very briefly drifted away to Wii U on occasion, and threw in some amiibo announcements too. Make no mistake though, the Wii U was mostly absent and ignored, and the fact that two major titles from the home console are now coming to the 3DS is an indication that Nintendo is - effectively - moving on from its under-selling system. That's the current impression, in any case.

If you need to catch up on what was revealed or watch any of the streams again you can find all of the information in our Big Nintendo Direct Summary; it's fine, we'll wait...

A lot happened, and we saw contrasting approaches in broadcast style too. Nintendo of America continued its recent trend of hammy acting and slightly bizarre comedy, which at the very least made it fun. Nintendo of Europe was rather straight-faced by comparison; this writer prefers the NoA approach, as quirky weirdness suits the big N. The vibe in the live comments, too, suggested that the game reveals, 'out today' announcements and overall content went down well.

We've certainly got a variety of opinions to share on the Directs over the coming weekend, but before all that we want to know what you think. A little over a day has passed since the broadcasts, so now that the dust has settled where do you stand on Nintendo's efforts? What were your favourite announcements? Click some poll buttons below to let us know.

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As always you can continue the conversation in the comments. With Nintendo keen to keep the 3DS active next year and beyond, let us know how confident you are - based on some of the reveals - that the handheld has plenty of life in it yet.