Omegathon Finale

Those of you who follow the events of PAX West are no doubt aware of the "Omegathon", a three-day tournament where twenty contestants compete in various games for a grand prize. Last Year, the Omegathon finale was centered around clearing a grueling Super Mario Maker course specially developed by Nintendo for the show. This year, Mario made a return in the final round, with Super Mario Bros. 3 taking center stage.

After a reveal was made by hosts kitted out in Power Gloves, the two Omeganauts were faced with getting as high a score as possible in the game within ten minutes. Though they were given infinite lives to complete the task, the contestants struggled mightily to survive the old-school platformer, not even making it past the first fortress. Myxomyosis managed to eke out the victory, winning a free trip to any PAX conference in the next year. You can watch the admittedly shameful competition here, but be warned of some strong language used.

What do you think? Did you see this live? Can you play Super Mario Bros. 3 better than these finalists? Drop us a comment in the section below.