Let's be friends

While EA's relationship with Nintendo has cooled in recent years, during the DS and Wii era the two companies were very close, with EA releasing numerous games aimed at families on the consoles.

One franchise which really found its feet on Nintendo platforms was MySims, a spin-off of the popular Sims series which was aimed at a much younger audience. EA had planned on bringing the series to the 3DS back in 2010, with Behavior Interactive handling the development duties.

Developer Xavier Garcia has previously shared concept artwork for MySims Friends but has now revealed more information about the unreleased title. According to Garcia, StreetPass and "other Nintendo connectivity" was planned, and MySims Friends would essentially be an "online only game".

How this would have worked when your 3DS wasn't near a WiFi hotspot is anyone's guess, but the notion of a connected and constantly changing title is certainly interesting. Sadly EA didn't think the game was worth pursuing and development was cancelled quite early on.

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