Beyond Good & Evil is an iconic title for a number of gamers, and it made quite a mark in the GameCube generation; back in 2006 we reviewed it and said it was "an intelligent, refreshing, well-balanced, and entertaining piece of genius".

Now Michel Ancel, the hugely respected developer who runs his own studio under the Ubisoft umbrella, has posted a delicious piece of concept art and the following comment on his Instagram page.

Beyond Good & Evil 2.png
Image: Michel Ancel

Somewhere in system 4 ... - Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible!

Naturally fans are going crazy on theories on who the characters could be, but it certainly seems to be extremely likely to reference the long awaited sequel.

It's no secret that the title is happening, with Ancel and Ubisoft saying at various points in the past year or two that it's an active project, albeit with no release timeline or even formal reveal on which to hang our hat. Destructoid also reported earlier this year that it had sources claiming the title could be an NX exclusive, with Ubisoft then asking for the story to be removed. Ubisoft has been consistently talking up the NX and saying it has surprise releases planned for the system, but that doesn't mean assumptions should necessarily be made about this release.

In any case, here's hoping that this project is picking up steam - naturally we'd love to see it on NX when it finally comes to fruition.

With thanks to SLIGEACH_EIRE for the heads up.