No end in sight?

Beyond Good and Evil is one of those cult hits which performed poorly at retail yet gained a massive following, and as a result fans have been clamouring for a sequel for years. Ubisoft, for its part, has employed a "never say never" approach, and while it seemed that the game was in active development a long time ago, things have gone a bit quiet in recent years, with the publisher most recently confirming that creator Michel Ancel wasn't working on the game.

However, if a fresh rumour unearthed by Destructoid is to be believed, that is all set to change. According to the site, Nintendo is "doing a Bayonetta 2" and stepping in to fund the title, securing it as an Nintendo NX exclusive for 2017. The full title is apparently Beyond Good and Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers.

A word of warning before you get too excited - the original source of this rumour is Geno, the same source which supplied a series of NX leaks which we were quite skeptical about the other day. The only reason we've giving this particular rumour attention is that Destructoid states it has verified the claims with another source, and they appear to have merit.

Destructoid also points out that in a recent "Devs Play" video, Tim Schafer and Ancel kept mentioning Shigeru Miyamoto in relation to a possible sequel.

Coincidence? You decide. In the meantime, here's a teaser trailer for the game from quite some time ago: