Samus, where art thou?

A while back we reported that Spanish developer MercurySteam - famous for rebooting Konami's Castlevania series - was working on a new Metroid concept for 3DS and Wii U that it was going to pitch to Nintendo. Apparently this project was disclosed during interviews with potential staffers at the company, hence the reports leaking online. Rumour has it that Nintendo declined the pitch.

In an interview with Eurogamer which tackles issues such as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2's critical mauling, the studio's break from Konami and rumours of poor working conditions, MercurySteam co-founder Enric Alvarez put a few rumours to rest - including that Metroid pitch.

Is the rumour that you created a Metroid prototype for Wii U and 3DS also b******t?

Enric Alvarez: That's more b******t.


Enric Alvarez: People have a lot of imagination and time to think about stuff, but that's not necessarily the truth.

So you're saying, categorically, you did not work on a new Metroid prototype for Wii U and 3DS?

Enric Alvarez: This is exactly what I'm saying.

Dave Cox: We're primarily working on Raiders. We are doing other things. But Raiders is the focus of the studio right now.

Enric Alvarez: I think this one grew from an interview we did when we were finalising Mirror of Fate. While doing an interview, somebody asked us about what other game we would like to do, and I think the Metroid thing came from that. Or it was about the Metroid influences in Mirror of Fate. The rest is pure invention.

MercurySteam is currently working on Raiders of the Broken Planet along with Dave Cox, the ex-Konami veteran who produced the Lords of Shadows games. Mirror of Fate was the studio's last Nintendo project.

What are your thoughts on these denials? Do you think the rumours were false, or could Alvarez be covering up because Nintendo turned down the pitch? Let us know by posting a comment.