With today's info dump on Pokémon Sun and Moon out of the way, which included Poké Rides and more besides, there's been plenty for us all to digest. The Pokémon Company isn't interested in giving you a breather though, no siree, you have just 12 days to regain your strength before it all happens again.

That's the word on the virtual street, anyway, with the IP's Japanese account stating that 12th August is the date to scribble down in our diaries.

It seems the 6am Pacific / 9am Eastern / 2pm UK / 3pm CET slot is the favourite of The Pokémon Company, too, and considering the scale of some announcements before now it'll be worth following. Who knows, maybe more plastic toys like the light-up Z-Move rings (we have a Gallery on the way to show that weirdness off) will be on the agenda. We'll also keep saying "Pokémon amiibo cards" over and over again until they're confirmed.

We'll see you then to go deeper down the rabbi... Buneary hole.