Sun and Moon.png
Image: The Pokemon Company

The Pokémon Company is keen to keep fans excited about Pokémon Sun and Moon; as was promised there's been a glut of new information to take in.

We have a range of new Pokémon to consider, but can also see more of how the game will be structured. There are four islands to work through, which combined deliver 'The Island Challenge'. In each you take on various requirements and quests, while a Totem Pokémon awaits at the end. The key face-off is in a Grand Trial, with a showdown against Hala shown.

Beyond that there are Pokémon that vary in type and appearance depending on the island. On top of that there are 'Z-Moves' that you can use once per battle, and Poké Ride is exactly what it sounds like - you can ride around on certain Pokémon.

It's all shown off in the trailer below.

There's lots to take in. What do you think of the new features and Pokémon shown off here? Let us know in the comments.