Federation Force.jpg

Those poor Federation Force troopers, all they want to do is save the galaxy and be honoured for the effort, showing that on-the-ground grunts are valuable in the fight against Space Pirates, and probably cheaper than the fees for highly skilled Bounty Hunters like you-know-who. Yet they're doomed to be criticised forever more because they don't look cool, have as many gadgets or a history of iconic missions and adventures.

Nintendo has released the latest trailer for Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and at the time of writing it's got more dislikes than likes on YouTube.

The trailer itself is fine, being 30 seconds long and surely destined for TV slots. The other point to make is that, actually, based on preview time with the game we think it has potential. Our video man Alex enjoyed it in a recent preview article, and other members of the team that played it at San Diego Comic-Con discovered it was actually "not bad", in a positive way.

Nevertheless, what it isn't may haunt Federation Force, and it faces a tough task earning purchases from some Metroid fans.

What do you think, are you planning to give Federation Force a chance, or will you shun it until the end of days?