Despite the incredible success of the Sega Genesis in North America, there are a few puzzling omissions from the console's library in that particular region - and our friends over at iretrogamer have decided to take a look at some of the most notable examples.

Sega's 16-bit system may have charged to the top of the American console market and given Nintendo's SNES a serious run for its money, but some titles remained exclusive to either Japan or Europe - or, in some cases, both.

Take for example Treasure's stunning Alien Soldier, a technological tour de force which now commands insane prices in its PAL and Japanese forms mainly because there are loads of American fans who want to own a copy but can't get one stateside, as it was never officially released there.

Wrestle War is another puzzling example; a first-party Sega game based on one of its arcade hits, it would have neatly filled the wrasslin' void in the Genesis library and satisfied millions of WWF-obsessed Sega fans - yet it only came out in Japan and Europe. Sure, the legally questionable Japanese boxart might have been a sticking point - that's definately Hulk Hogan on the cover - but this was changed for the European version anyway.

Other examples - such as the dire Mega Drive port of Double Dragon II - are more understandable; US fans should actually be thankful that one never saw the light of day outside of Japan because it's utterly terrible.

Do you have any Sega favourites that you had to import back in the day? Give the video a watch and let us know what you think about this topic by posting a comment.