Virtual Reality may be the flavour of the moment right now, but Microsoft is attempting to chart a different course with its HoloLens headset. This expensive piece of kit uses Augmented Reality to create unique experiences and has plenty of applications in the sphere of gaming - running NES games being just one of them.

The team behind NES emulator N3S - which gifts 2D NES titles with 3D visuals - has created a special version of the app for HoloLens and the results are pretty impressive.

It's taken quite a bit of hard work, mind:

The HoloLens won't run most games full speed, especially when the editor is built-in and people make more complicated 3D meshes for the sprites. I've also had to hand-tune and optimize the app for HoloLens in a way that won't work with many games to get a consistent enough FPS.

If those issues don't put you off, development editions of HoloLens are currently available for a cool $3,000.

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