A while ago we shared the first couple of episodes of 'Animal Crossing Noir' with you - it's an entertaining and dark spin on New Leaf that has strong vibes of 1960s TV series The Prisoner.

Six episodes have been released so far, deepening the mystery behind villager HMK's arrival at Ekoville and his continuing struggle to unlock its secrets. It's the work of FamilyGamerTV and the Radio Theatre Workshop, with occasional Nintendo Life contributor Andy Robertson producing the series. It's certainly stylish, aiming to show the "darker undercurrent" of the Animal Crossing World.

If you haven't caught up with it yet, the series playlist will allow you to catch up; the latest episode, 'The Other Side', is below.

Let us know what you think of this spin on Animal Crossing in the comments section. Another three episodes are expected, which should end with HMK discovering the truth of the surreal world in which he finds himself.