Puyo Puyo Chronicle

Has it really been 25 years since the first Puyo Puyo game? You might not be all that familiar with the largely Japanese exclusive series, but we've seen a few Western releases over the years, the most famous of which has to be Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine on the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

As revealed in a recent issue of Famitsu, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series Sega will be releasing Puyo Puyo Chronicle for the 3DS. In the game the main character Arle gets sucked into an alternate dimension with her partner, Carbuncle. The duo come across a mysterious girl named Arie, and together, they all try to escape from this mysterious world.

The game features local multiplayer modes and something in the region of 60 side-quests. The game will be released with a special anniversary box that contains a 25th anniversary soundtrack, a 25th anniversary vocal track, a 25th anniversary drama CD, and a Puyo Puyo 25th anniversary theme.

This intriguing puzzle RPG appears to be a Japanese exclusive for the time being and will be released on 8th December. Would you pick this up if it got localised for western players?

[source siliconera.com]