Virtual Boy

The 3DS has done a remarkable job in the current economic climate, cutting out a respectable install base several million units sold over it's run. Of course, in the early days of the console, many believed that it would be a failure due to the unfortunate historical precedent that was the Virtual Boy.

Technically, the Virtual Boy did the 3DS' brand of 3D gaming back in the 90's, albeit with a sickening red color to everything. We're not exaggerating either, there were widespread reports of nausea and headaches from using the massive 'portable' device. Suffice to say, Virtual Boy was a low point in Nintendo's history, critically and commercially, so it comes as no surprise that you rarely hear anyone from Nintendo ever talk about it or its games. However, in a rather uncharacteristic twist, Nintendo recently posted a picture of the console's box to its Instagram. There's nothing else but the picture, but at least Nintendo is finally acknowledging that it was responsible for the console. It's okay, Nintendo, we still accept you.

What do you think? Have you ever played any Virtual Boy games? Would you like to see them on Virtual Console someday? Drop us a comment in the section below.