This week's info dump on Pokémon Sun and Moon was possibly the most substantial yet, packed with information on new Pokémon, gameplay aspects and areas to explore - this gallery has lots of the information in one place.

One new feature is 'Z-Moves', which are supercharged attacks that you can initiate once per battle, assuming your trainer has a Z-Ring and relevant Z-Crystals. You can see it in action below.

Also intriguing is that The Pokémon Company is taking a bit of a lead, we'd suggest, from the chunky Yo-kai Watch toy in producing real-life versions of the Z-Ring and crystals that light up, vibrate and make noise. What's intriguing about the Sun and Moon toys, though, is that they'll react in time with the game; when your Trainer uses the virtual version of the Z-Ring your own will light up and behave the same way.

Pokemon Z thing.jpg

We now have an idea of how much these toys will cost, at least in Japan. There'll be 18 crystal variations that function with the ring, and there'll be various packs and sets to choose from - the following is from Perfectly-Nintendo:

  • Z-Ring + Z-Crystal (Electrik): 2,600 Yen (~22€ / £19 / 25$)
  • Special Set (Z-Ring + Z-Crystal – Fire, Water, Grass, Electrik, Fighting, Normal – + collection box): 4,490 Yen (~39€, £33, $43)
  • Z-Crystal Vol. 1 (Steel, Rock, Poison): 599 Yen (~5€, £3, $5)
  • Z-Crystal Vol. 2 (Steel, Rock, Poison): 599 Yen (~5€, £3, $5)
Pokemon Z thing4.png
Pokemon z thing3.png

The initial offerings will arrive alongside the games in Japan, and that also appears to be the plan for the West.

These toys could certainly prove a hit, especially if the functionality lives up to the potential of the concept. Do you think they'll be a success?