As you're no doubt well aware by now, substantial reports around the NX published by Eurogamer and reinforced by follow-up sources - some of which we've spoken to - have given the strongest indications yet of the make-up of Nintendo's next system. There are counter-rumours and reports, of course, though at this point the details from Eurogamer and similar sources seem to have clout and consistency on their side.

One of the aspects of the report focused around the NX hardware utilising Nvidia technology, potentially Tegra X1, its successor or perhaps a custom chip developed for Nintendo. The focus of this rumour is the portable element, leading some to believe the Tegra range is likely due to its small size and relatively impressive related power.

The reports around this have perhaps been given a further layer of solidity with Nvidia formally dropping the next device in the SHIELD Tablet range; an FCC filing from the start of this month was picked up by Digital Trends.

The SHIELD range has had multiple form factors, with each primarily a showcase for Nvidia technology while not generating notable sales numbers. Our own Damien McFerran, a technology buff and avid SHIELD hardware supporter, argued recently that the range has been a means for Nvidia to research and develop powerful portable graphics chips while showcasing them to enthusiasts and potential clients. He argues that, should the reports of a form of this technology being used in NX be accurate, the SHIELD hardware strategy will have been vindicated in helping Nvidia secure a lucrative partner.

In any case, it'll be fascinating to see whether these sources and reports are right about Nvidia technology in the NX; if so, then perhaps the SHIELD range of systems has run its course.

With thanks to Francisco for the tip.