No, this isn't real - it's a mock up we made for an April Fool

Nintendo has reportedly delayed mass production of its NX console in order to factor in Virtual Reality functions and improve the system's unique "console and handheld" integrated gaming experience, according to DigiTimes.

Sources close to the production chain have stated that the console combines domestic and portable gaming functionality, which has long been rumoured. It showcases a 5 to 7-inch display with a controller and joystick for users to play as a mobile gaming platform. NX is also able to connect to a TV and operate as a traditional "domestic" console.

The sources have claimed the supply chain received Nintendo's order to start developing the case mold for the NX in the middle of last year, and was told that the console would enter mass production and launch in the middle of 2016. Nintendo's new mass production schedule means that some key components will still be produced this year, but full mass production won't begin until 2017.

Another report states that Nintendo's order volume has been reduced. The plan was originally for 20 million units in year one, but Nintendo's new target is around 10 million units. Sources claim the change is down to the fact that the Wii U has sold poorly and the console market is considered to be "shrinking" - although with Sony's PlayStation 4 passing 40 million units sold this year, that last point seems a little inaccurate.

Foxconn has been given the lion's share of NX production, but rival firm Pegatron Technology has apparently been sniffing around for work too. Foxconn apparently has 40 percent of the NX order, with the remainder being shared between Japan-based Misumi and Hosiden. Meanwhile, Taiwan-based component suppliers Macronix International, Pixart Imaging and Delta Electronics are also involved.

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