Nintendo's Official UK Store is back in the game with another set of pre-orders, offering up a semi-controversial 3DS release and some lovely but pricey figurines.

Federation Force mousepad.jpg

First of all there's the Metroid Prime: Federation Force pre-order which comes with a mousepad. A slightly odd extra, but it's available for £34.99 here.

The store is also adding three Samus figures for pre-order - all expensive but rather tempting; they appear to be those First 4 Figures items that we're often drooling over here on Nintendo Life.

First up is a standard Samus Varia Suit Figurine; it's the suit from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and is 20 inches tall, costing a hefty £265.99 and due for shipment in January 2017.

Varia Suit.jpg

Next is the 'exclusive' edition, which is the same thing but with LED lights, also due January 2017. It costs £299.99.

Varia Suit exclusive.jpg

Finally, the store is pitching a discount on the current Samus Light Suit, which has had a 25% price cut to £187.49 and is already available.

Samus Light Suit.jpg

Are you tempted to pre-order Federation Force for a mousepad? C'mon, we all need another mousepad. Or maybe the figures are more up to your speed? Let us know.