Look at you, fresh from boot camp standing tall and proud beside your shiny Project Golem Mech. Don't think this campaign will be a walk in the park; whether you fight alone or in a squad, the Bermuda System will be far from stable until we are done here cleaning up every single speck of Space Pirate scum. Read this document so that you have an edge over your enemies and don't embarrass us in front of other GFed units operating out there.

Bermuda System Overview

The events of Metroid Prime: Federation Force will take you and your squad to three different planets in the Bermuda system. Intel on each planet follows.

The First Planet: Excelcion

Resource-rich and extensively mined until two decades ago when a meteor impact sent Exelcion into a perpetual ice age. The ice covered wasteland that once harbored extensive Galactic Federation outposts and Research and Development facilities is now abandoned due to inhospitable weather conditions and violent local fauna.

We are retaking this planet because it's the perfect place to field test our shiny new Mechs and the Space Pirates seem to be fond of raiding our old facilities for salvageable material, and it is embarrassing to find our own weapons being used against our forces or being sold in the black market and as such, so it's time to send the Pirates a clear message regarding Federal claim over Excelcion.

We highly recommend taking Flame Shot ammunition along your sorties if the mission profile allows it; fire is a natural weakness to the indigenous lifeforms of Excelcion and a useful resource to melt down frozen areas inside our compounds that might lead to intel or materiel that can be useful for this campaign's smooth progress. Plus, it is rather amusing to watch Space Pirates running around on fire.

The Second Planet: Bion

The second planet in the Bermuda System holds many secrets and dangers below its vast scorching deserts. Bion was once home of an ancient and mysterious race that seem to live by the religion of the "Orb". Our expert xeno-linguists are having a hard time deciphering exactly what this "Orb" is and since we are in the sector anyway, we have been ordered to investigate and retrieve as much information as possible on this ancient civilization.

Beware that the enormous temples hide deep and complex underground passageways and are most likely booby-trapped to fend off raiders like the Space Pirates - who seem to have taken an interest in this mysterious "Orb" as well. As such, expect trouble from both long deceased civilization and current enemies of the Galactic Federation.

Your other enemy in Bion is the heat. If your mission profile allows it, make sure to make room on your Mech for some Freeze Shot ammo. Besides cold being a natural weakness to the indigenous lifeforms who have adapted to the ways of the desert, frozen foes can't move, can't shoot at you and take twice the damage from your other weapons. It is also perfect when you want to make sure those Space Pirates stick around in one place while you make your - ahem - "strategical retreat". You use can also freeze and break some lava sections found inside the temples.

The Third Planet: Talvania

Talvania was once the prosperous home of an advanced robotic race that mysteriously packed their bags up and left. Their legacy is extensive however, with vast and advanced constructions one can easily spot from orbit since most of them extend to vast areas of the planet's surface.

However technology is not meant to run by itself for centuries without maintenance and the planet has become rather hazardous due to breakdowns and the malfunctions of several systems that are still running, so don't touch anything down there you are not supposed to. We are sad to report that Space Pirate activity in Talvania is the highest in the system. Expect trouble down there from more than automated defense systems.

Since the automated defenses present on the planet are mechanical, taking along some Shock Shot ammunition on your sorties is highly advised. Not only they will short out anything the ancient robot masters of this planet left to defend their technological secrets, but they will also provide a rather shocking experience to any Space Pirates that might stand in the way of your mission objectives.


Bounty Hunter Samus Aran - who is also currently deployed in the Bermuda System - confirmed what Federation Navy already suspected: the Space Pirates have extensive bases and support facilities deployed in Talvania and are using the planet as a staging area for their own operations in the system. Do not expect them to abandon their positions without a fight.

Combat & Rules of Engagement


There are several different approaches to every mission you will be assigned in the Bermuda System Campaign. Being sent into a mission alone and channeling your inner Samus is radically different from operating as part of a four-man squad. Make sure you read the next paragraphs for optimum efficiency.

Solo Deployment

Reserved for the best of the best among you, solo deployments stack the odds against your Mech considerably. But if your foes think that makes you easy prey, the boys at R&D have got a few surprises up your Mech's metal sleeves…

1) The Lone Wolf

The usage of the Lone Wolf Mod is forbidden within Squad deployment and although it's not mandatory, you would have to be Mother Brain kinda mad to pass on it if you are deployed solo. This mysterious Mod doubles the damage output of your standard beam weapons while also halving the damage taken from any source to your Mech. A shame Galactic Federation rules of engagement forbid it from being standard equipment - we could have taken over the Bermuda System and cleaned it from Space Pirates without the help of Samus in half the time. Also don't worry about breaking your Mech and losing this Mod to damage; unlike regular Mods, the Lone Wolf Mod is indestructible. It is also immediately available to new recruits.

2) The AI Combat Drones

It's a rookie mistake to forget to equip the AI Combat Drone before deployment so unless you want to be the laughing stock of the whole G.F.S. Aegis crew, make sure you double check before jumping into the dropship. AI Combat Drones are small autonomous flying units that follow you around. They are equipped with a rapid fire beam weapon that does about the same amount of damage as your regular beam cannon shot. You can deploy up to three of them when taking on missions alone or use them to fill slots if you're short on allies for Squad deployment.

The obvious advantage is the considerable amount of extra firepower on your side but these clever drones will also spot and engage enemies before you even notice them. If you hear them shoot, make sure you try to identify what threat they are engaging. AI Combat Drones are poorly armored and can be targeted and destroyed by your foes, so if you find yourself relying on them a lot, make sure you take on Mods that enhance both their plating (Drone Plating I, II or III) and their firepower (Assault Drones I, II or III). Word of caution: You will need to find these on the field first.

3) The Repair Capsule

It is wishful thinking that you will be able to take on a mission without the need of mid-action repairs. As such, always make sure you reserve at least two slots to take Repair Capsules with you. Each will repair 50 HP to your Mech and you can often find refills among GFed supply boxes. Remember you will need to shoot the capsule out of your cannon arm and pick it up for it to repair your Mech. Do not mistakenly shoot them at your enemies in the heat of combat - that would be highly embarrassing. You can enhance Repair Capsule effectiveness by equipping mods (Optimized Capsules I, II or III) once you find them on the field.

Squad Deployment

A good four-person squad is not made up of four solitary Mech jockeys acting alone like some deranged Bounty Hunter. A good squad is one that moves and functions as a unit, with each individual knowing his task and specific roles within the team. Here are some pointers for efficient squad operations.

1) Role Play

Customizing your Mech with correct Mod and ammunition loadout configuration can deeply affect the outcome of a mission. Instead of trying to be a Mech-of-all-trades, assume a function that will benefit your squad the most: Assault, Heavy Weapons, Area Defense or Mechanic. Just make sure you warn your team what you're carrying by using the appropriate voice command in the lobby. We don't really need four Mechanics carrying nothing but Repair Capsules to fight off Space Pirates, do we?

2) Leave No Mech Behind

Keep a lookout on both your own Mech HP and your team mates. A single operating Mech with Repair Capsules can recover all of its fallen comrades. If you happen to be the last Mech standing, do not hesitate to retreat to a safe location and try to stock up on enough Repair Capsules and then attempt to rescue your fellow soldier's Mechs one by one. Keeping a cool head under pressure will make you the hero here.

3) Communicate

Sometimes the noise of beams shooting at enemies is enough communication for a squad, but never forget to customize your pre-defined radio chatter phrases for any eventuality, such as the need for assistance. If you don't want to use the D-Pad, some quick reflexes with the stylus on the bottom screen will allow you to send communication at the time of need. Practice this a bit, it comes very handy in later missions.

4) Stand Aside

Avoid single file formation unless the environment strictly forces your team to do so. Making sure your squad mates have a clear line of sight is essential for mission success so spread out evenly to make sure you deliver as much firepower as possible. You do not want to be the guy who accidentally steps ahead of one of the Super Missile that would decide the mission's outcome.

5) Rookies At The Back

More likely than not you will find yourself joining a squad deploying into an unfamiliar mission. If you do not know what lies ahead, consider taking on a support role and let your squad mates lead the way. No one likes the rookie who ruins a mission by running wildly ahead attracting unwanted attention to your squad. Don't be that guy!

General Strategy


Last but not least, here are seven general guidance pointers that might just make or break a mission's successful outcome.

1) 19 Medals

Do your best to get 19 mission medals. This is the amount of proof of value to the higher ups to unlock all three Mod slots on your Mech. This is a real difference maker, so prioritize this goal.

2) Aim High

Score extra points by sniping at Space Pirate heads. A head shot does double damage so it is also a more efficient way to deal with their ranks. Assuming you are using default control configuration (A type) practice to do this by holding "L" to lock one in your sights, press "R" and tilt slightly up so your rapid fire beam hits them in their head. +50 points are awarded to headshot kills, so make sure they count.

3) Aim Big

A patient soldier is an efficient soldier. We know it is often dangerous to keep holding your charge beam on it's third and final level since it causes your Mech to move really, really slow. However hit any foe with the full charged shot and you will be rewarded with a "Blasted" bonus, awarding you an extra +100 points to you tally. Even better, take out a Space Pirate with a fully charged shot to the head for a +150 "Pulverized" bonus. Beware that most enemies will notice your intentions (namely the Space Pirates) and will dodge, leaving you vulnerable and looking rather silly in front of your squadmates. Make sure those charged shots count.

4) Thrust-Dodge Everything

No amount of Mech armor will keep you in once piece from repeated blast and explosions, so make sure you thrust-dodge every chance you get. While having a target locked on with "L" (standard control layout), press Left or Right on the analogue at the same time as you hit "B" for your jets. You usually clunky Mech will swiftly dodge on your chosen direction, avoiding any incoming attacks. Space Pirates are often fond of doing this as well, so compensate accordingly by shooting into their intended dodge path. Be careful of losing awareness of your surroundings by dodging extensively with a single target locked on. You might dodge in front of your squad mates cluttering their line of sight, dodge into even more danger than you're evading or more embarrassingly: dodge off a cliff.

5) Charge & Collect

Often neglected but incredibly useful, charging up your beam cannon to level three will actually attract nearby ammunition refills, shaving precious seconds from the mission clearing time while efficiently restocking your ordinance at the same time. Even more useful: You can use the Charged attraction properties to drag the Ball-like artifacts used as keys in the many temples of Bion. Use this if you are having trouble with the shooting required for the game of pseudo-golf that the ancient Orb-worshiping race seem so fond of. But make sure you don't drag them to close to you, their electrical properties will damage your Mech.

6) Safe Distance

We still can't believe the boys at GFed R&D did not equip any Mech with any sort of melee weaponry. We hope this oversight is correct in future campaigns because the Space Pirates are incredibly adept at CQC (Close Quarters Combat), with most of their units having melee weaponry that will make some big dents in our shiny new metal toys. Be kind to the repair crews of the G.F.S. Aegis by declining dance invitations from Space Pirates and keeping your distance. Remember they aren't the brightest stars in the universe either so use Decoys, Mines and Force Fields in case you need to make sure that they do keep their distance from you or a target you need to defend.

7) When In Doubt, Super Missile

It might take up four slots and you will only get one to mess around with but if the mission profile allows it, make sure you take it! This bad boy has such a high yield warhead that it can take out enemy bosses with single hit, probably eliminating any other foes nearby as well while shaving many seconds from your mission time. You can further enhance its capabilities by several mods Mods like upgrading its already devastating firepower with Super Payload I, II or III or increase the chances of getting extra Super Missiles with AUX Ammo Replicator I, II or III.

If you really, really want to make sure nothing is left standing after you fire one of these, add Blast Radius to your Mod slots. Like all Mods (except Lone Wolf), you will need to find these in the field. Since most of the time you will only have one of these, make sure you make it count: It could be the difference between stunning victory or shameful defeat.

That is about as ready as we can make you. Now go out there and kick some Space Pirate behind - don't let a girl running around in Chozo armour make us look bad.

Good luck and see you online, trooper!