Pokémon GO's use of location-based tech and Augmented Reality has led many to dub it "anti-VR" in that it pulls us out of an immersive world and forces us to move around the real world, interacting with others and potentially forging social relationships face-to-face.

However, it's easy to guess at how certain "VR-style" technologies can potentially enhance this experience - and one Microsoft HoloLens user has created a bare-bones tech demo which gives us what could be a glimpse of Pokémon GO's future.

It's a very simple demo at present, and merely places 3D-rendered Pokémon in the environment around you. While the user in the video is carrying a Pokéball, it's just for show (as is evidenced by the rather lame attempts to throw it and capture Pokémon) - but it does hint at where the concept could be headed; you could either use a "virtual" Pokéball mapped to a motion-sensing glove or actually hurl a ball which the headset could track (although this might be hard to retrieve in certain locations).

Given the rumours that Nintendo has delayed NX in order to factor in some kind of VR component, it's tempting to ponder if the company will produce this kind of game in the future. For now, all we have is this tech demo; an intriguing view on what Pokémon GO could be like in a few years.