Metroid Prime: Federation Force isn't far away, with its blend of co-op shooting on the 3DS set to be quite a diversion for the series. The free release of Metroid Prime: Blast Ball recently may have helped win over a few naysayers, and now there's some interesting footage kicking around that 's from the official Japanese website for the game.

The initial footage is very much in line with what we expect, as teams set about early missions solving puzzles and tackling foes.

The final video is one of the most intriguing, though. It shows our intrepid little Federation soldiers jumping out of their mechs to traverse a dangerous area.

This Metroid Prime fan is warming a little to this one, especially after the positive hands on from our video man Alex. It may not be the console Metroid Prime IV we've been dreaming of, but it just might be worth a punt in any case.

With thanks to Jean for the heads up.