This past weekend brought some pleasing news for Sonic fans, with a standout being Project Sonic 2017 confirmed for the NX; that announcement came at the close of a 4 hour live stream by SEGA from San Diego. The event was a celebration party, in addition to a vehicle for announcements, but those watching online had a grizzly time for a spell. As you can pick up from the early live blog and comments from our coverage it was a stream beset by delays and early sound issues.

Interestingly, composer / programmer Hunter Bridges has posted a range of tweets to state that his team produced the sound at the event, with a colleague being sound engineer and Smash Bros. streamer Brad Flick. The catalogue of events is below.

It's certainly nice to get extra context, as sound was particularly poor early on in the stream but did get resolved. In fairness to the sound team that wasn't the only cringe-worthy part of the event, as some of SEGA's segments were rather poor and there were a number of odd sponsorship / shilling segments that included a Sanrio x Sonic crossover and multiple promotions for Totino's Stuffed Nachos, which seemed sincere but inevitably got twisted into a meme.

In any case, new Sonic games were announced, so it wasn't all bad.

With thanks to Liam Robertson for the heads up.