Fair means or foul

Finding rare beasts in Pokémon GO is often a matter of trial and error, as you only have a very narrow view of the world around you and can't "see" where monsters are expected to spawn.

However, a group of fans have used the game's API to create a site which shows the locations of nearby monsters and even goes as far as to display how much time remains before they "despawn" and vanish from the map.

Pokévision.com is surprisingly slick for a fan-made effort, although at the time of writing the servers are under a lot of strain. You simply input your current location and a map showing nearby Pokémon is displayed, along with a timer showing how much longer they will be available for capture.

We tested it and found it was a little inconsistent, often failing to show every available Pokémon in locations where we then captured several different breeds, but there are numerous reports online that people have used the site to obtain rare and elusive monsters.

This of course brings up an ethical argument - is using this kind of site cheating? Given that you can quickly capture some of the most powerful beasts in the game it's tempting to say it is, but there are counter arguments which claim that the game's ropey server performance has forced players to take matters into their own hands after losing legitimate high-level captures due to crashes or restarts.

There's a good chance that Niantic will shut down this site or render it useless by changing the API, but for the time being it's there for players to use or ignore. Let us know what you think by posting a comment below.

[source eurogamer.net]