Caught them all yet?

So you've been playing Pokémon GO for a few days and have built up a pretty impressive menagerie of 'mon, but there are still a few firm favourites you've not stumbled across yet. If you're wondering how to nab these elusive beasts, then we're here to help.

Pokémon each have an elemental affinity, and this has an impact on where you'll discover them. A simple example is water-type Pokémon - these are predictably common around rivers and lakes. Similarly, bug-type Pokémon tend to hide out in the countryside, just like the real thing. However, it's worth keeping in mind that you can potentially find any Pokémon anywhere in the world - the locations below are where they are commonly discovered, and you'll have a higher chance of catching these Pokémon types in the environments listed. You'll also find that there's a lot of crossover here, while it might seem that you're getting a seemingly random selection of monsters, what's actually happening is that they are all common to that particular environment (cities, for example, are bustling with Pokémon).

It's also worth pointing out that this list is based on player reports and anecdotal evidence taken from the Nintendo Life team, who have all be catching Pokémon like proper troopers over the past week. We can't assure you 100 percent that you'll catch the exact Pokémon you're after based on this guide, but it should hopefully make the process a little easier for you.

Ready? Then let's begin!

Normal-Type Pokémon

These are common Pokémon which can be found just about anywhere, but they are especially abundant in built-up areas, such as towns and cities. They can be found on roads, at schools, near shops and businesses, in libraries, around sports stadiums, and so on. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding this type on your travels.

Rock-Type Pokémon

As you might assume, Rock-type Pokémon favour built-up areas as opposed to the lush, green countryside. They can be found in towns and cities, with some reports claiming that they are especially common in parking lots and shopping centres. We've also heard that they are discovered in quarries - which makes perfect sense - but we'd advise against entering this kind of location as you could be putting your life in danger, and no legendary Pokémon is worth that.

Grass-Type Pokémon

An obvious one, this. Grass-type Pokémon love to hide in large fields. If you're out in the countryside then you'll no doubt run into lots of these - especially on farms and in woodland - but in big cities they can also be found in parks and residential areas.

Bug-Type Pokémon

Like Grass-type Pokémon, Bug-type monsters adore the great outdoors and favour largely the same kind of habitat.

Flying-Type Pokémon

As is the case with Grass and Bug-type Pokémon, Flying-type live in the countryside, near farms and open fields. If you're in a big city, you'll most likely find them in large parks and possibly your own garden, if you're lucky.

Steel-Type Pokémon

Steel-type Pokémon are found in large buildings and also near railway tracks. Again, we don't recommend you get too close to the tracks, for your own personal safety. Visiting your nearest station and simply wandering around the platform should do the trick.

Water-Type Pokémon

Possibly the most self-explanatory Pokémon type. Water-type monsters are most common next to rivers, lakes and other large bodies of water, including ports and harbors. You'll find them where the water meets the land, so please don't put yourself in danger when near these locations.

Ice-Type Pokémon

Don't worry - you don't need to travel to the North Pole to bag this Pokémon type. Ice-type monsters tend to stick close to bodies of water, irrespective of how cold said water actually is. You'll also find this type in snowy climates, such as near ski resorts (should you be lucky enough to frequent these on a regular basis).

Fire-Type Pokémon

This Pokémon type likes built-up, residential areas and cities.

Poison-Type Pokémon

Despite the rather negative name, Poison-type Pokémon frequent bodies of water as well as built-up areas, such as towns and cities. They're also found near marshes and other wetlands.

Ground-Type Pokémon

No real shock here - Ground-type Pokémon like open spaces, cities, beaches, woodland - basically anywhere you can place your feet on solid ground. Ironically, reports suggest they are also common near airports. Perhaps they long to take to the air after spending all that time on terra firma?

Electric-Type Pokémon

These monsters tend to hang around in residential areas and near power plants. Don't trespass on these locations as you could face criminal action as well as put yourself in serious danger.

Fighting-Type Pokémon

These aggressive Pokémon like to hang around near Gyms and sporting arenas, and don't tend to venture out of towns or cities.

Psychic-Type Pokémon

This unusual Pokémon type can be found near beaches and hospitals, as well as grassy locations and cities.

Dark-Type Pokémon

As you might expect, Dark-type Pokémon are more common at night and can be found in dimly-lit environments, including graveyards and cinemas. Please remain respectful when visiting cemeteries looking for this type. Dark-type Pokémon have also been reported around famous landmarks.

Fairy-Type Pokémon

This type is similar to Dark-type Pokémon, and is found in cemeteries, churches and near landmarks.

Dragon-Type Pokémon

Dragon-type Pokémon tend to reside near famous landmarks, but we've had reports that they favour golf courses as well.

Ghost-Type Pokémon

Like Dark-type Pokémon, Ghost-type monsters are usually found near graveyards. They are also seen in parking lots and other large, open urban spaces - usually in the evening.

Have you consistently found Pokémon in any locations which haven't been listed about? Let us know by posting a comment and we'll update the guide.

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