All those lovely pixels.

Sega has two new Sonic the Hedgehog titles in development at the moment, both of which are expected to arrive next year. Project Sonic 2017 is coming to NX as well as other platforms, while Sonic Mania - a more traditional take on Sega's mascot - sadly isn't coming to a Nintendo system.

Given the 2D nature of the title that has struck some people as a little odd, especially as the 3DS seems perfectly suited to this kind of game. Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham has been compelled to right this wrong in the only way he knows how - by offering to develop a 3DS port:

While it might seem like a hopeless gesture - and Watsham has confirmed that Sega hasn't responded so far - we'd personally love to see the 3DS get in on the action thanks to Watsham's firm.

Others are less keen, and have pointed out that Renegade Kid's Treasurenauts still isn't out. Watsham has moved to calm such fears, however:

Would you like to see Sonic Mania on the 3DS, or do you think we'll see an NX port in the fullness of time? Perhaps the 3DS isn't powerful enough to handle the game? Let us know what you think by posting a comment.