It's quite clear that Pokémon GO has been one of the most widespread and revolutionary concepts with which Nintendo has ever been associated, albeit the app is very much the work of developer Niantic. Sure, the Nintendo Wii, DS, Game Boy and original NES are also of great mention, but the mainstream buzz over the last month has been exceptional.

With that said, however, it's also sensible to take a realistic approach and realise nothing of this magnitude is likely to last a long time. Not to be negative, but worldwide phenomenons such as Pokémon GO eventually have their cool-down periods due to the mass spike of people playing it dropping away with time - unfortunately, hype trains do come to a halt sooner or later. Sure, there will still be those core fans that come by the thousands (perhaps by the millions) who'll stick with the app come sun, rain, sleet or snow, but it's fair to assume that a great deal of the new audience Pokémon GO has grasped are likely to drop in abundance. Just like global phenomenons such as the "ice bucket challenge", "Harlem Shake" and even "planking", Pokémon GO will be a phase/fad to many.

We've already mentioned what we can expect for the future of Pokémon GO, but will that be enough for the majority? For this writer, and perhaps many of you reading, yes. But these new mechanics and additions to the app could be meaningless to most. This writer has often heard remarks along the lines of "I'll probably stop playing when the new generations come in", or "this is starting to get a little mundane" from peers around him. It could be argued that a large proportion of this demographic who are engaging with the app are either new to the series as a whole, only familiar with Generation I due to growing up with it, solely interested in its mechanic, or perhaps a combination of the aforementioned.

Will Pokémon GO Plus give the app new life in September?

With that said, the novelty of the mechanic and catching this first batch of critters is likely to wear off. To make matters worse, Nintendo (and by extension Niantic) may have shot themselves in the foot by delaying the release of Pokémon GO's accompanying gadget, the Pokémon GO Plus. The boat may have well and truly sailed come September, which definitely is a missed opportunity for everyone involved in the app. Alternatively, however, it could be a blessing as it may rekindle interest in the app.

It's all speculation at this point, and even though you may think you will / won't be playing the app come later this year and beyond, certain factors may play their part and surprise you. For now though, we'll ask you – can you see yourself still playing Pokémon GO for the remainder of this year?

Do you think you'll still be playing Pokémon GO at the end of the year?

Only time will tell, but this writer for one thanks this app for making commutes to/from work and walks to the local shops so enjoyable!