Pokémon GO Cycling

As a key component of Pokémon GO requires travelling to hatch eggs, find Pokémon and get to training gyms, it's natural that players would look for ways to cover ground more efficiently. At present the player has to travel about 2km in order to hatch just one egg.

Unfortunately for those wishing to hop on a bicycle in order to cover ground more quickly, you might be out of luck. The hatching speed limit is set at 10mph to make sure that people aren't cheating (by driving for example). However for any reasonably capable cyclist, 10mph is ridiculously slow.

Imgur user HyruleanHyroe explains the situation nicely:

I bike around town every day to catch Pokemon, covering 15-20km on light days, and I'm lucky to see ~1.5km of progress on my eggs. I'm not blazing around at high speeds, and I'm still getting plenty of exercise. Plus, bikes have been a staple of the Pokemon world since the very beginning. Why can't we ride, Niantic? WHY?

Apologies if my tone comes across as whiny/complaining, not the intent. I LOVE this game and will continue to play it regardless.

While there might be a safety issue in pedalling too fast and trying to capture Pokémon we would assume anyone with a modicum of sense (and not wishing to drop their precious smartphone!) would use the app sensibly and stop when they engage with the app itself. So cycling would purely be for exercise.

Of course we can't expect Tour de France champion Chris Froome to be trawling around at a snail's pace when he's having fun with Pokémon GO:

Seriously, as this writer knows from personal experience there is huge interest in Pokémon GO from the cycling community, as Australian cycle fanatic Shane Miller explains in the the video below.

What do you think? Should cyclists be forced to stay below 10mph for their own safety when playing Pokémon GO or is it an unnecessary barrier which prevents their enjoyment of the app? How could Niantic possibly improve on the situation in future updates?

We'll leave you with a video of YouTuber Lachlan trying his hand at playing Pokémon GO on his bike, not always as safely as he should!

[source imgur.com]