Bitmap Books appears to have come to some agreement with Nintendo of America regarding the intellectual property dispute on its NES: A Visual Compendium book.

The publication - which is part of Bitmap's Visual Compendium range - had proved to be a massive crowdfunding success on Kickstarter, but it was feared that the project would be stopped in its tracks when Nintendo stepped in and filed a dispute.

Seeing as the campaign is live once more - with one more day left on the clock - it would seem those differences have been overcome. As you can see from the new image above, the name has been changed to remove all reference to Nintendo, and the word "Unofficial" has been included, in case there were any doubt. The parody of the Nintendo Seal of Quality - which replaced Nintendo with "Bitmap Books" - has also been expunged, but this was only present on the Kickstarter page and not on the book itself.

NES: A Visual Compendium has raised over £170,000 in funding so far. The book focuses on the famous 8-bit console, featuring exclusive interviews, company profiles, original artwork and much more besides.

Are you happy to see this matter appears to have been resolved with the minimum of fuss? Will you be pledging your financial support during the final 24 hours? Let us know by posting a comment below.