We keep hoping we'll see more quirky Japan-only titles and reviews of upcoming Nintendo games each week a new Famitsu rolls out, but since E3 every subsequent issue has held less and less Nintendo information for us. This week is an all time low, but there is some information for 3DS-owning Capcom fans to enjoy.

A four page spread on Monster Hunter Stories highlights this week while a few other previews round out the content for Nintendo. Only a few reviews were published and none were for Nintendo consoles.


Of the five Nintendo-related previews published, four were for the 3DS. Unfortunately, half of the previews were for games already released, including Culdcept Revolt which had a Famitsu review we covered last week, and Zero Time Dilemma, which is already out in the West. Culdcept Revolt's preview breaks down more cards and goes surprisingly in-depth into the game mechanics followed by a two page Q&A with the developer, but after skimming through the articles nothing appeared particularly noteworthy.

Puzzle Dragons X Screencap.png

Like last week and the week before it, Puzzle & Dragons X received ample attention. This week was no different. This time, Famitsu detailed the characters in the game, beginning with the 12 year old protagonist named, most likely, Ace. While on his way to Doragoza Island by ship, trouble strikes and sets him on his adventure. A rival named Ransu (most likely Lance in English), sporting a blue cap above white hair and a disapproving frown, challenges Ace throughout his adventure. Players are also joined by Vahaton, a wizard-like character that appears to both help Ace and serve as the mayor of a water-themed village, and a young boy named Cyaro – decked out in lime green colours with lime green hair – is Ace's fragile friend who – stop us if you've heard this before – wants to overcome his lack of confidence to become strong. Rounding out the cast is Somia, a half-human half-dragon person that protects Doragoza Island.

An overview of co-op play finished the Puzzle & Dragons X information. If players go to a certain place in the main town they can have a friend join their game to battle together or against one another. This feature is called Pazudorakurosu in Japanese, which perhaps translates into Puzzle Dragons Cross.

Monster Hunter Stories.png

Monster Hunter Stories was the crown jewel this week. The spin-off of the popular series has an 8th October release date in Japan and no word of a Western release, but we expect it to make it over here eventually. Famitsu went into great detail about the game, including how characters bond with monsters through bond stones. Once a monster is bonded with, players get to upgrade them based on various slots with genes. If certain genes match, the monsters will become more and more powerful in battle. A picture in Famitsu shows three blue coloured genes being slotted in to highlight how matching genes can grant bonus power.

Three new monsters were revealed, including a saber-toothed monster named Beriorosu. A viscous shark-like creature named Zaboazagiru, and my personal favourite, Ibirujo: a tyrannosaurus-like dinosaur with stubby arms and a massive jaw. Monster Hunter Stories calls these creatures Otomon, and more images of them can be found on the official website

Ibirujo Monster Hunter Stories.png

Last, Famitsu showcased two explorable areas in the game: Taruju Setsugen (Taruju Snowfield) and Kakuse No Mori (Kakuse Forest). The former features snow and icicle covered trees and hidden hotsprings, and the latter features rocky rivers and thick green forests. Both are known for being overrun with monsters to fight.

After this Famitsu preview, Monster Hunter Stories looks really promising and we can't wait to hear when it'll come out West.

The Wii U also got some Monster Hunter love with Monster Hunter Frontier G news, but the information on the Japan-only MMO detailed an upcoming content patch and nothing more. Sadly we'll have to keep waiting to see if it'll ever come out West.

And that's it for this week. Cross your fingers for more Nintendo content next time and let us know if you're more excited for Puzzle & Dragons X or Monster Hunter Stories.

Thanks to Arina for helping translate!