Thanks, Phil

Xbox boss Phil Spencer is no stranger when it comes to handing out compliments to Microsoft's rivals in the console space, and he's continued that trend when it comes to NX and the new Zelda.

Quizzed on Twitter, Spencer stated that any new Nintendo console launch is a moment to savour, and that the new open-world The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild adventure is shaping up very nicely indeed:

While Microsoft and Sony are in competition with Nintendo, there's a definite feeling that key people within the two firms pay a lot of attention to what the Kyoto veteran does.

Both companies emulated Nintendo when motion sensing went big - Sony with PS Move and Microsoft with Kinect - and the Xbox avatar system was clearly inspired by Nintendo's Mii concept. It's clear that Nintendo is often seen as something of a trendsetter in the industry, hence Spencer's comment on any new hardware launch being of intense interest.

Will he be standing in line next year when NX arrives? We know that Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida probably will be.