Perfect Dark

Back in the glory days of Rare, the studio released the cult classic GoldenEye 007, and while it's perhaps a bit dated by modern standards, the game was wildly fun. Though the studio wished to produce a sequel to the shooter, it lost the rights in a bidding war, resulting in Rare choosing to create its own game as a spiritual successor. The resulting game was Perfect Dark, a science fiction themed shooter featuring a female secret agent named Joanna Dark. When Rare was famously bought out by Microsoft, the prequel to Perfect Dark ended up seeing release on Xbox 360 as Perfect Dark Zero. Since then, there have been no new games in the series, but it's recently been revealed that two back-to-back sequels were on the cards for some time.

Liam Robertson of Unseen64 just posted a video on the cancelled games, stating that they would've told one story in two parts, called Perfect Dark Core and Perfect Dark Vengeance, respectively. These games would've taken place after the events of the first Perfect Dark. The initial team for these games was always relatively small, but the studio progressively pulled members from the team in order to keep it low profile so that Microsoft wouldn't pull the plug too early. Once the team felt they had something really good they pitched it to Microsoft to get it greenlit, but were shot down due to the lukewarm sales of Perfect Dark Zero and the fact that the company already had two other sci-fi shooters in its first party lineup with Halo and Gears of War. Here's the video:

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