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We learned during E3, courtesy of Shigeru Miyamoto seemingly jumping ahead with an announcement for its Plus add-on, that Pokémon Go should be arriving in July. As a result the field tests are heading to the end of the line as developer Niantic makes, presumably, final preparations for the app's launch.

Those that have been taking part in the US have now been notified that the field test will end on 30th June. In addition to the field test ending all save data will be wiped, and Niantic's message expresses thanks to testers for the feedback and data that their efforts have provided.

There's little doubt that this will be a significant release for The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. The app has generated plenty of interest online, and is sure to be a key part of the mobile strategy for both companies.

Are you looking forward to the full release of Pokémon Go in the coming weeks?

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