Pokemon Go Plus.jpg

There's little doubt that Pokémon Go is an important release for Nintendo, The Pokémon Company and developer Niantic. Though there's a little ambivalence about it in the Nintendo Life community (at least among those in the E3 live stream chat) it's clearly a big deal to members of the broader public; it was, after all, one of the most-searched video game terms in the US in 2015.

We already know a lot about it, and it's been in public beta testing in a variety of territories. Now it seems it's very close to rolling out fully, confirmed to be targeting July during the Nintendo Treehouse segment on the game on day two of E3.

Somewhat humorously, Shigeru Miyamoto seemed to put the developers on the spot during the Q & A segment, using his authority to announce that the Plus peripheral will launch in late July. Cue some nervous laughter and squirming, with one of the developers quipping that he'll have to "get back to work".

The Plus peripheral was shown off a little - it links to your phone and acts as a shortcut for you to play the game without checking the app itself. It vibrates and flashes colours depending on what's happening, and you can simply press its button to try and catch Pokémon on the go.

It won't come cheap, however. In the US the add-on will have a recommended price of $34.99. Pokémon Go itself will be free, and the Plus gadget is rather neat - whether many will deem it worth that cost will be interesting to see.

Nintendo of Europe has now also confirmed a late July window for the Plus accessory, and it was confirmed in the E3 Q & A that, naturally, the app will be available at the same time or potentially sooner.

So, are you excited about Pokémon Go, and will you be picking up the Plus accessory?