That's the index finger, we think...
Image: Unseen64

Ah, the Power Glove, a cool idea betrayed by flawed technology and some questionable marketing - it's an iconic part of NES history. It was a flop, as demonstrated by its grand total of two games released specifically for the accessory; Mattel saw its dreams of glove wearing NES gamers taking over the world crushed by reality.

There were other games in the works that never made it to market, too, one of them being The Terror of Tech Town, which also had the name Tektown to accommodate those that can't spell. Potentially a port of a 1985 Commodore 64 game - which seems to be up for dispute - it featured in a promotional VHS that advertised it for a Spring 1991 release. Imagine that, a time when commercials and hype came in the form of VHS tapes and YouTube was a distant dream...

It ultimately disappeared, but Unseen64 has shared the game's video appearance, which has some impressive and bizarre lines. "No-one has 3D moves like you and your Power Glove" and "literally grabbing the tools you need" to annoy those that don't like inappropriate usage of the word literally.

It's fun to look back at the Power Glove, in particular lost projects like this. Check it out below.